Chris Wallace: Jon Stewart Is No Mark Twain

If everybody threw in their two cents about Jon Stewart’s appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace we could easily solve our fiscal crises. Everyone from political commentators to presidential candidates has weighed in and it appears that if you haven’t taken a side then you didn’t watch the interview properly.

That being said, Chris Wallace finally tossed in his two Lincolns as his called into Don Imus’s radio show on Thursday morning. According to Wallace, “if you were a liberal, you thought that [Stewart] just wiped the floor with me. And if you were a conservative, you thought I just wiped the floor with him.”

Wallace admitted that his team edited the interview but they claimed they did so because Stewart was filibustering (slightly wrong use of the word) and that if they didn’t the interview would be 24 minutes long. He also claimed that if Stewart looked bad it was Stewart’s fault not the fault of editing.

Regardless of the fact that Stewart repeatedly expressed, “I’m pushing comedy and my ideological agenda informs it at all times,” and the fact that he said that he is not suggesting that there is no liberal bias in the media, Wallace also claimed that Stewart “lives somewhat in denial about the bias of his program and of, more importantly, of the mainstream media.”

Wallace also thought that it was “rather remarkable” for Stewart to compare himself to Mark Twain and Edward R. Murrow even though what Stewart said (and what Wallace even partially admits Stewart’s said) was, “What am I at my highest aspiration? And what are you at your highest aspiration?” But who actually pays attention to details.

Imus couldn’t wait to get his two cents in there and actually had a few nice things to say about Stewart including the fact that he thinks Stewart is brilliant. However, he did take issue with the fact Stewart claimed that being a nightly fake news anchor was somehow harder than being a nightly Fox News anchor. Hard to tell the job descriptions are nearly identical.

Apparently, Wallace is hoping for another interview or set of interviews with Stewart either on The Daily Show or on Fox News Sunday or maybe both.