Suspicious Package Found At Weiner’s Office, Seriously

Oh the fun just never ends! Now a suspicious package shows up outside former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s congressional office. Get it “suspicious package”. What a knee-slapper that is! Yeah, see apparently a box of CDs mistaken for, oh I don’t know, a BOMB appeared mysteriously in front of Rep Weiner’s office shortly before he was going to deliver his resignation speech.

The D.C. police decided that it might be a good idea to section off the area in order to investigate and make sure that it wasn’t anything that might explode and send little bits of reporters and journalists flying in all different directions.

Well, Emily Miller senior editor from the Washington Times, who had originally broken this story on Twitter, was having way too much fun with the whole “suspicious package” double entendre. She wasn’t about to let the police get in her way of a good time.

She needed photos of the hallway where this “suspicious package” was located. And boy did she get some doosies and Tweet them. Since we are so not posting her photos here, imagine this: an office building.

Yeah, I know, right? Amazing!

But she claims  TV crews were getting in the way as well. I wouldn’t doubt that for a second.

She also questioned law enforcement’s sense of humor tweeting, “The Capitol Police do not see any humor in the #Weiner suspicious package. I’m not sure that they even get the joke.”

Really, Emily? Then why did you just moments earlier “Direct quote from Cap police! RT @jonallendc: Did U rlly put those wrds together? MT @EmilyMiller: #weiner’s hallway w/ suspicious package.”

Trust me, these guys get it. In fact, they’re probably going to go to the local cop bar after work, have a few brews and talk about what a moron those friggin’ reporters were getting in their way today and, “Hey, ‘suspicious package’! Bwaaahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

Just be glad they did THEIR job like professionals.