Rush Limbaugh Blames Liberal Women for All Political Sex Scandals (VIDEO)

Rush Limbaugh Blames Liberal Women for All Political Sex ScandalsApparently, Rush Limbaugh hasn’t left his sarcophagus since the 4077 were taking shrapnel in the 70s TV hit M*A*S*H. Now that Anthony Weiner has agreed to enter rehab, Limbaugh has taken this time to reflect on just how these politicians become sex crazed lunatics. And he has come to one simple conclusion; it’s the fault of liberal women:

“Why can’t we blame liberal women for what these politicians are doing? They have feminized politics to such a degree that men can’t be men anymore. They’ve all got to be out there and prove that they’re Alan Alda or whoever is the definition of a real man. Michael Kinsley? I don’t know. But look at what we’re told. We’re told that Weiner is the man of the hour. What he is is a genuine pencil-necked geek.”

Not shocking that Rush Limbaugh would say such inane drivel but what’s with the Alan Alda reference? Is that the only liberal actor he could think of off the top of his head? When was the last time he ventured out of his mausoleum? 1983?

He also argues that women have feminized politics and men so much that men feel a need to assert their masculinity. That’s why they solicit prostitutes, tweet their meat, cheat on their wives, etc.

Haven’t we heard this kind of crap before? Next thing you know he’ll be blaming rape victims for the rape or at least liberal feminist women for creating the rapists to begin with.

In a sense he’s claiming that liberal women are the reason sex scandals exist. And by that rationale, we can just assume that all the sex scandals of the past prior to the feminist movement were no big deal. Henry VIII was just asserting his masculinity six different times (“Divorce, beheaded, died; divorced beheaded, survived). Thomas Jefferson was asserting his masculinity all over his plantation (must have been those liberal slave girls). And of course the Catholic Church, they were asserting their … their … well, whatever, it’s still the feminists’ fault, right?

Nevertheless, to prove his point, he asked is listeners, “When was the last time you heard about a racecar driver or an auto mechanic getting caught in a sex scandal?”

Well, I was watching this episode of “Cheaters” and there was this auto mechanic … anyway long story.

So go ahead and watch the clip and try desperately not to think how Rush might be secretly revealing his own tortured past with women.


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