Fox News Steven Crowder Claims The Daily Show and Jon Stewart Discriminate Against Conservatives

Fox News Steven Crowder Claims The Daily Show and Jon Stewart Discriminate Against ConservativesIn probably the worst email ever written, The Daily Show has gotten themselves in hot water with the right. Since the show prides itself on its ability to showcase a multitude of viewpoints while attacking news networks that routinely do not, it’s no surprise that conservative comedian and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder was shocked when he received the following email response from The Daily Show’s booking department:

To: (redacted)
Subject: RE: Steven Crowder

Hi (redacted),
I did receive everything and have reviewed the material. Steven is definitely a talented guy, but unfortunately not the right guest for us. We get pitched lots of people, but with only four guest slots each week, the booking process is very refined. There are lots of comedians who would like to be on the show, but those we book have a direct relationship with Jon, usually people he’s known for years. On the conservative front, we never book conservative pundits. We stick with conservative politicians, sometimes high profile news anchors, and sometimes religious leaders. I’m sorry I can’t help you out this time, but I hope you’ll stay in touch as you think of other clients that might be right for us.

All the best,
The Daily Show

While Crowder has taken this to mean that The Daily Show is biased toward conservatives, the email itself makes little sense. The Daily Show has a long history of booking pundits both conservative and liberal yet they tend to be high profile (as the email points out).

Apparently, the confusion stems around whether they “never book conservative pundits” but instead book liberal pundits or whether they never book pundits at all or what they consider pundits to be in the first place?

Nevertheless, the facts are that The Daily Show has asked some of the most well known conservative pundits to be on the show and many have done just that: Bill O’Reilly is the best case in point.

In many other cases though the conservative pundits just won’t do it. The most famous of conservative pundits, Glenn Becks has been asked to appear on The Daily Show but he has declined time and again. In one case Stewart specifically said, “Glenn Beck, I would like you to be on our show.”

Heck, there’s even “liberal pundits” that are bitching that they didn’t get booked. Roseanne Barr/Arnold/Whatever-Had-a-Great-Sit-Com-Once-That-I-Still-Watch-at-3-in-the-Morning had this to say on her blog back in January:

It’s really kind of depressing to think that the one voice of liberal american comedy has shut me out, since that is the exact same audience that is my audience. It leaves me to wonder if Jon Stewart likes women comics at all (other than Tina Fay who has the weight of Lorne Michaels behind her.) I do not like the way that Jon’s show is constantly referencing right wingers, fox and palin and offering no substantive solutions to any of our country’s problems. Jon, you are a talented guy, but don’t let them use you as a shill to cross promote the abysmal messages they push. You can do better than rebut the worst segment of america’s commentators–you need Roseannearchy–(solutions to capitalism).

Geez, it sounds like Stewart is getting the Obama treatment. Folks on the right AND the left are upset with him. I guess that’s the price you pay for being at the top.