Jon Stewart Crushes Fox News in Ratings

Jon Stewart Crushes Fox News in RatingsJon Stewart’s mockery of all things political has endeared him and his team at The Daily Show to enough real Americans that Stewart and TDS have made it to the top of the ratings heap toppling one of their frequent and deserving victims, the Fox News network. According to the May Nielson ratings, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart annihilated Fox News in terms of total viewers on average. Stewart averaged 2.3 million viewers, while Fox News prime time line up averaged with the day time line up accrued 1.85 million viewers.

The only unbeatable show was The O’Reilly Factor. Bill O’Reilly’s show drew more total viewer with 2.8 million in its 8PM time slot. Its 11pm time slot only garnered 1.321 million.

So how did other Fox News personalities fair against J-Stew?

What’s worse, though, for Fox News is that their total viewership was down 10%. Fox News lost viewers in the 25-54 demo in every prime time show and, in particular, Bill O’Reilly was down 9%. Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren were also down (6% and 12%).

The only good news for Fox News is that this is the last month for Glenn Beck. He will be ending his show on June 30 … one last object of ridicule for the satirical master that is Jon Stewart.