UPDATE: Spirit of Juno and Stephen Colbert back in Second as Five Boats Drop Out of Charleston Bermuda Race

Spirit of Juno and Stephen Colbert back in Second as Five Boats Drop Out of Charleston Bermuda RaceFive yachts in the Charleston Bermuda race, Gratitude, Halcyon, Santosha, Spirit of Minerva, and Yanosha, all “retired” late Thursday/early Friday morning frustrated that there just aren’t any winds to power their boats. According to race headquarters:

As of late [Thursday] afternoon, the Yellowbrick tracking system indicated that the OnDeck Farr 65 Spirit of Minerva was heading directly for the Bermuda archipelago at over seven knots. Earlier in the day, the system showed the same behavior on the part of Vladimir Zinchenko’s Shipman 63 Yanosha. As of early this morning, George Maloomian’s Hylas 54 Gratitude was also making a beeline for the island at speeds far too swift to be possible given the reported winds in that area.

As for Colbert and the crew aboard the Spirit of Juno as well as the crews of Eagles’ Wings, First Light, Pied’a Mer, Solarus and the leader Tucana, they are all expected to finish the race sometime early Saturday morning.

Currently the Spirit of Juno is 35.3nm behind Tucana. Although both are traveling at over eight knots. Lets hope that that is because the wind kicked up.

2011-05-27, 16:34:36 UPDATE: Tucana only 2.3 nm from 1st place finish. Colbert and crew of Spirit of Juno still in 2nd 42.9 nm away from the finish.

2011-05-27, 18:20:44 UPDATE: Apparently, Tucana has won. No official news yet but they passed the finished line a while ago and there are no competitors in sight.

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