Former Clinton Adviser Storms Off Fox News Set During Fiery Medicare Debate

Former Clinton Adviser Storms Off Fox News Set During Fiery Medicare DebateYou know when you’ve just had enough. You just don’t have it in you anymore. You’re trying desperately to make your point in a heated debate but you’ve had this debate 6,483 times before and made little to no progress with the opposition. Not to mention, your foe keeps cutting you off every time you’re just about to get to your point. Mad frustration.

Well, that is exactly how former advisor to President Bill Clinton, Simon Rosenberg felt today as he appeared on Fox NewsAmerica Live with Megyn Kelly, hosted by Shannon Bream, with conservative radio host Ben Ferguson. They were discussing Medicare, Paul Ryan’s plan, and Democratic fear-mongering. Ferguson began by speaking uninterrupted about how there are only two solutions to the Medicare problem in which the wrong choice means that “one day people are going show up to their bank and they are going to be out of money.” He then likened Bill Clinton’s speech at the Fiscal Summit to something Bernie Madoff would say to his intended victims.

Nevertheless, he was more concerned with the litany of Democratic fear mongering and he wasn’t about to let Rosenberg off the hook. As Rosenberg attempt to respond to the criticism, he got 6 seconds into his argument before Ferguson cut him off.

ROSENBERG: I don’t think that anything that’s happened in the last few months is fear mongering.

FERGUSON: Dumping a woman off a cliff isn’t fear mongering?!

Point taken. However, Rosenberg kept his mouth shut for 45 seconds while Ferguson blabbed about how Bill Clinton was pulling a Madoff on the American public intentionally lying to them when in fact he said, according to Shannon Bream, “The Democrats are going to have to be willing to give up maybe some short term political gain by whipping up fears on some of these things if it’s a reasonable Social Security proposal or reasonable Medicare proposal.”

If that’s pulling a Madoff then, man, Clinton should stay away from the stock market. For Pete’s sake, Clinton’s agreeing with Ferguson and he still gets compared to a convicted felon.

Watch the video. It’s classic:


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