The Weekly Standard Insults Their Conservative Base

The Weekly Standard is trying to and probably will capitalize on the duncity* of Sarah Palin at the financial expense of their conservative readership. They’ve got a line of bumper stickers and t-shirts they’re hawking with her famous fabricated word “refudiate” that sell for $2.50 and $21.95 a piece respectively.

The Weekly Standard Insults Their Conservative Base

What they are saying with this campaign though is “To hell with blearning[1]! We got our own Republicode now and, no, it’s not based on the words of no MIT-cryptographer-meets-Navajo-code-talker type. No, we’re basing it on the words of the woman who has read ALL of the newspapers and magazines that have been in front of her over ALL these years.”

Good choice, The Weekly Standard, good choice.

*See, Sarah, sm8000 is just like Shakespeare, too!

[1] Blearning = book + learning