Osama bin Laden dead: Two Dutch-bags try to report Barack Obama for Murder

Two Dutch-bags, Ruud Snoeren and Terry Flohr, stormed into a Dutch police office in the city of Tiburg this week to report President Obama for the “murder” Osama bin Laden. The two d-bags accused the President of “’perpetrating’ a crime by ordering the special forces raid that led to bin Laden’s death on Sunday” according to the UK’s Telegraph.

“We are very angry,” said, Mr Snoeren, 30, a lawyer.

“There is a murderer who has admitted the deed on television and who dumped the evidence at sea. And the whole world is celebrating.’

The duo claimed they were not defending bin Laden but instead they believed that the al-Qaeda leader should have been captured to be put on trial. So the Dutch police told them to file their complaint with the Hague.

“We have had a conversation and registered it. It is not that we do not take the case seriously, but this is not something for Tilburg police,” said a spokesman. “We are not going to commit police resources on this.”

“We are going to consider it,” said Mr Flohr, 29, a student.

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