No means Yes, and other Thinkspeak

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Thank you friends of Restoring Truthiness for your tireless pursuit of the Truthy. Sorry to say, but this may be our last post. But it’s not all bad news, in fact, Republicans may win control of the Senate – the long national nightmare will be over – in two more years when a “real” American is again President of the United States. (To so many in this country, including the Republican leadership, Obama’s not real, he just isn’t, they can’t explain why.)

But in the mean time, both the House and the Senate can vote to repeal Obamacare to their heart’s content. I can hear them joking in the Halls of Congress now, “Vote to defund Obamacare? Must be Monday, or Tuesday, or any other day of the week, Ha!” Actually, they may not be able to claim all those days because Congress only worked for about half the year in 2014.

It’s been a tough time for everyone, even Rush Limbaugh, who’s manliness has been challenged just for pointing out the obvious – that sometimes No means Yes, if you know what I mean. For a good looking guy like Rush, that’s probably every date. So when some “Harry Potter Girl” comes along, pleading with all the wooses of the world to “express their feelings,” well it’s obviously the next step by the U.N. world government.

Of course it’s all under the guise of helping women an girls, that girls education can raise whole families from poverty, reduce infant mortality, build stronger communities. (Sorry I’ve got to stop now, feels like I’m drinking the cool aide.)

Well what about Mens Rights? Like the right to raise your boy the way you were raised? Well we don’t need the U.N. government to take that right away, just as Adrian Peterson who gave his kid the “whuppin” he deserved, with a belt has been charged with child abuse. Well Sean Hannity had something to say about this. That’s right, his dad used the belt, even the belt buckle, and he turned out just fine. DO YOU HEAR ME? HE TURNED OUT OK! HE’S FINE, JUST FINE! AND IF HE WANTS TO RAISE HIS KID WITH THE BELT HE WILL!

Be sure to register to vote. These elections are costing the Koch brothers and other corporate persons hundreds of millions of dollars and they deserve to know that every vote counts, even if it means that lots of actual persons don’t get to vote. That’s why Republican party state Attorney’s General and election officials have been working to insure the votes are fair, that people can’t vote on the prior Sunday, that they have state issued voter identification, and dozens of other restrictions that make it fair. Because their not the Mommy party, they’re the hard (but fair) Daddy party.

Of course the Democrat party complains that all the studies indicate that these disproportionately affect the poor and young. They’re always pointing to some facts, well here’s a fact, what made them poor in the first place? Stagnant wages? Lack of affordable banking services? Rising college tuition rates? I’ll tell you why their incomes are stagnant – they didn’t invest their money in the stock market! Corporate profits have been breaking records year after year.