The Unbalanced Economy…A Bedtime Story?


Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child

Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Unbalanced Economy, Bedtime Story

I want you to take a trip with me (in your mind) for a brief moment, and pretend you are a child living your dream childhood.  Think of the neighborhood, the sights, the smells, and what your imaginary parents are like? In this vision, do you have siblings or are you an only child? What is dinner like at the end of the day? Now imagine your neighbors (can you see them) through the eyes of this child? Are they safe? Do they care for you as much as your own family? Do you play outside with the neighborhood kids?

Can you see this vision, as if you are this child, living this dream?

Now go to bed in your mind and prepare to fall asleep…now imagine your parents sitting beside you kissing you lovingly on the forehead and reading you a bed time story about a child: who smokes weed, argues with other children, never works out, calls other children hateful names, kisses other kids that are the same as they are, touches younger kids in private places, fights with others who do not agree with him or her, and spends money like water that does not belong to him or her. In this story this kid hates themselves and most others, and has no empathy in them? When your parents finish and tell you to sleep well…could you?

Now you may be saying to yourself perhaps (irritated so) way to kill my dream, and what does any of this have to do with a political news article? This is supposed to be informative not dream killing.

Hang in there my friend I am on my way to a point. Most recently, I read an article that stated how Marco Rubio claimed the breakdown of the family is part of the cause for our countries economic troubles and I thought to myself what? I mean there is conservative and then there is ridiculous and that concept is just nonsense, for how can you compare the two? One is social and/or ethical (whatever) and the other is political, “America” based (if you will).

Which leads me to the aforementioned imagery how this child living in a healthy life would be torn apart inside at the thought of such a world as described in the story they are being read.

The question is are we so desensitized to the dysfunction and its affects and/or effects on our political standing that even the loss of our once strong economy doesn’t even register in our minds. Have we become the scary story and not the reader?

In all of this chaos are we forgetting the story we are reading to our kids every day? How it is ok to not support the leader of our country because we don’t agree. How to accept any theory as fact just because it is popular. How to get paid more to be on a reality show than you do as a clerk working for our White house as staff. How to create traffic jams on bridges because we are mad at someone (I didn’t say any names!)

The point is perhaps in looking a little closer at the concept of our economic standing being connected to our loss of the family structure my not be completely out there (as I thought originally), for our decisions are connected to our votes and our votes are connected to our beliefs, and whether we like it or not, loved them or hated them, our beliefs are connected to our families…or lack thereof!

I leave you with this quote from my late grandmother, she said, “balance is not walking a tight rope of perfection but merely the wisdom of knowing what areas to give your time and attention to so that all areas are constantly tended…a lack of balance is giving too much time and attention to one area at the sacrificial detriment of another.”