Government & Politics: Chris Christie Plays Misty



THE GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE – NARA – 549861 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Government & Politics: Chris Christie Plays Misty

While speculation looms over Governor Christ Christie’s camp regarding the now  widely known “Bridge gate”  scandal (the purposeful creation of traffic congestion on the George Washington Bridge for the soul purpose of personal gain [what the Christie administration stood to gain is yet to be determined]).  

Yet “We the people” are left out of the fray according to comments made during Christie’s press conference and/or his official statements.

The question is what does all of this mean?

Let’s start with how a former prosecuting attorney would not have details regarding what the key members of his staff were doing from September to January. What is the likelihood of how realistic that scenario could be?

What does it mean when a potential candidate for the presidency who has an image for being a kind heart under a rough exterior, never once mentions or shows an ounce of concern for what plagued the people who suffered as a result of what happened on that bridge?

 MSNBC reports, “One of the men who had been out of work for a year had been delayed on his first day back to work, for 45 minutes.” Or “the women whose husband was getting a stem cell transplant, missed part of the procedure” due to the congestion of heavy traffic on the Washington Bridge that day.

The question now becomes what happens to the GOP political standing in the upcoming election year? With Christie being the stand out favorite of the GOP party (well I mean… who else do they have again?)  What will the party do if Christie is forced to not run because of his scandalous ways (or his staff however  you  chose to view  the situation) or worst he becomes the stand out candidate giving Hilary (if she runs) a possible landslide victory.

Lately it seems that the GOP hasn’t had a decent presidential candidate since Ronald Regan (and he was an actor first)

What the GOP can do now is search (I mean like star search kind of searching) for a respectable candidate; someone both parties can see as a real challenging opponent to the Democratic parties many.

I leave you with this quote from my late great grandpa George (named after George Washington), he said (when referring to his competitor whom he had just run out of business)

 “Well Press [he called me press because he thought I asked questions like a news reporter would during an interview] the hardest thing about being in a position of power (he sat back in his chair and paused) is…after a long time in it [power position], if you are not careful you will not notice when you’ve lost it [your position of power]”

Now that I am old, I think grandpa was right!