Obama & The GOP: Don’t Hold Your Breath?

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection an...

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been said by Argentinian, child psychologist Montserrat Ballvé Caride that when a child is attempting to communicate and the content of the message is not universal or cannot be generalized then that child most likely throws what is called a “tantrum” (A tantrum is an outburst that can include crying, screaming, kicking, breath-holding and other behaviors) tantrums happen as a result of frustration and are used to get the child what they want.

Now anyone who has ever had children or teenagers or has ever been one of those for that matter should be very familiar with this type of blatant controlling behavior.

The question is…do we all grow out of this type of dysfunctional form of communication to get our way, when we become “adults”?

This leads us directly to the GOP and their constant battle with our democratic President, Obama. Now if you’re wondering “how does the aforementioned question and statements apply?” hang on, it comes together.

Nearly every economist warns of negative repercussions for the U.S. economy should Congress fail in their efforts (I use the term, efforts loosely) to come to an agreement to fund the government’s day-to-day operations. A fact that falls deaf on the ears of the misguided GOP who are more than willing to bicker needlessly, mudsling, and yes, even shut down government. These breath-holding moves are not without cost…and guess who gets to suffer? We the people of the United States of America!

The Obamacare (actually it’s called the Affordable Healthcare Act, but does it matter at this point) situation while frustrating (to all of us by the way) does not excuse throwing and adult version of childhood tantrum (the same tantrum that did not work in 1995 when Bill Clinton was in office).

The question now becomes…Does a government shutdown really shut down Obamacare? The answer is not really. The majority of funding for Obamacare” comes from new taxes and fees, from cost cuts to other programs like Medicare and other types of funding programs that will carry on in the event of a government shutdown” (MSNBC). As a child’s temper tantrum is to a parent in a restaurant, it doesn’t work. Moreover, it disturbs the peace and any hopes of the child getting the support from anyone of the dinners in the restaurant. In-other-words when you see a child act in this manner out in public view, do you not secretly feel more determined to see the parent stick to their guns and not give in to their nonsense?

Whether you support our President or not, whether you are Republican or Democrat any person will side with the one who does their job. After all, we are all adults’… right??

I leave you with this quote from my late grandmother, she said, “I love my great grandson, but if he is going to continue to cause trouble and throw tantrums then you need not stop for it every time….it may get worse before it gets better, but when it is over, and it will end, he will be forced to respect your position and that of the people around here.”