Fox New’s Hannity Sucks Up to “Atlas Shrugged” Actor Graham Beckel

Fox New's Hannity Sucks Up to Atlas Shrugged Actor Graham BeckelActor Graham Beckel of the new movie Atlas Shrugged sat down with Fox News‘ Sean Hannity on Friday to discuss how his new film was rushed to release for the sake of saving the image of the suffering “businessman.” And you know how great films are when they’re rushed.

Speaking for everyone on the set, which is likely over 100 people, including the union IATSE and Screen Actors Guild actors, Beckel claimed it was the only time any of them ever worked on a film in which the hero was a businessman.

“What I liked about working on this film,” said Beckel, “was that it was the first time that anybody who worked on a film including all the IATSE guys and the Screen Actors Guilds in there, the only time we’ve ever worked on a film where the hero was a businessman; where they weren’t a buffoon; they weren’t a villain; they were like the hero of the story. They’re the guys who made the world work. And that was so refreshing because we’ve endlessly worked on stuff where those people are marginalized and made fun of.”

Beckel talked of private interests colluding with the government to undermine other private interests. Yet he never expressly admitted to who these private interests are. Why is that? Would he be ratting out his IATSE and Screen Actors Guild friends? Or is he just making sh** up?

Across the table from Beckel was Hannity who couldn’t stop gushing over the film. It’s a wonder he didn’t cheese himself. “Not only was the movie phenomenal … You were phenomenal in this movie and I’m not sucking up to you,” sucked Hannity.

Hannity, who identifies himself as a Reagan conservative, says he sees Ayn Rand as a mystic fortune teller with a crystal ball who can predict the future. He continues to overtly say that capitalism is demonized and that there is a class warfare being perpetuated by the left.

What Hannity doesn’t know is that Rand dropped her ball in the toilet a couple of times and since then it’s been spewing out crap. So you can’t trust it.

Beckel then continues the geographical warfare started by Sarah Palin by criticizing people in Los Angeles claiming they have a weird fascination with Obama saying that “many of the people in Los Angeles – and I don’t think I’m wrong in saying this – Barack Obama is a something of a fashion accessory for their liberal identities. It’s really bizarre.”

Well, at least their presidential fashion accessory is still alive and currently serving. Hannity’s presidential fashion accessory is six feet under and rolling over in his grave.

Needless to say, the conversation was odd, vague, random and lacking in any objectivism. Basically, it was a Fox News conversation.

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