It’s a Gay Gay Gay Gay World


There is so much news from the LGBT community these days.  But first, the news you don’t hear about. The the war between Gays and Queers.  It’s kinda like the war between Vampires and Lycans. It’s going on underneath the surface but you’d never know.  And since there’s no Q in LGBT, I guess that means they’ve lost this round.

Oh, and Anne Hathaway can sing! Not so good that someone would book Carnegie Hall and lend their grammy winning voice for a tribute concert but still, she can sing.  So how about this — James Franco, who gave one of the most memorable on-screen kisses as Harvey Milk’s lover, in that it was the first kiss by straight men playing gay men on the silver screen since gay men played straight men ( and taught them how to talk the pillow talk) and Anne Hathaway together in a sequel to Oz the Great and Powerful.  That’s right, Anne as  Dorothy! That would seal her in the hearts of gay men forever. As number two, but still, it would be forever!

Hmm, what else. Oh, the cover of Time magazine is two men kissing. And, let’s see. Everyone in America now loves Will and Grace and believes William Truman is adorable. It’s almost like Eric McCormack has done for gays what Sidney Portier did for African Americans in that he’s just so sweet and caring that it’s hard to imagine him having sexual relations with someone in your family. I mean there was no way America would lynch Sydney Portier, just like there’s no way America would put Eric McCormack in jail like Michael Hardwick and  John Lawrence.

Hmm.  I’m forgetting something. OMG! SCOTUS! The Supreme Court of the United States.  They held a hearing on marriage rights for gay couples. And they said silly things like, “gay marriage is newer than cell phones,” and “why is taking this case now, the answer?” (I mean if you consider that the messenger boys for the Greek generals were kind of like the first cell phones .. I mean they did send text messages … then it’s kind of a chicken and egg question. ) But I think they’re reasoning goes like this.  In 1960, every state in the union had “anti sodomy” laws.  (Hey, we didn’t want God to do to us what we could do to ourselves with our own nuclear weapons.)  And the Stonewall riot that President Obama mentioned in his State of the Union message, well that happened in 1969 when police still felt it was their civid duty to bash gays with actual clubs and jail them.

So the court was wondering if things are moving too fast. You see, some court observers believe that perhaps the Supreme Court moved too quickly in Hardwic v Bowers when Justice Byron White asked ,  “whether the Federal Constitution confers a fundamental right upon homosexuals to engage in sodomy.”  Which is a lot different than asking if they have the right to be left alone in the privacy of their bedrooms.  And Justice Lewis Powell at the time said that he didn’t know any gay people because he didn’t know his own court clerk was gay. (It’s like those robes affect their gaydar or something.) Powell later regretted his decision, and the court simply Dreds, (great Scott, my spelling), I mean dreads a bad decision.

The Court may reason this, “Hey, just because the first (openly) Black President gives a shout out  in his inaugural address to the Stonewall  in the same sentence with Selma doesn’t mean we have to break with the traditions that made it once acceptable to bash Black or Gay heads because they were, well, Black or Gay. Think of it this way, Loving v Virginia, that struck down interracial marriages, wasn’t decided until 1967, years after Barack Obama’s parent’s were married.  For all we know, one of the children of same sex couples in California might become the first President, before, before the Supreme Court agrees that the child’s parents have a right to be a married.

If the court strikes down California’s retroactive ban on same sex marriages before the first child of gay parents to become president is born, that would put them ahead of the curve so to speak. When you get ahead of the curve, you risk a strike or a foul. The court likes to wait until it so obvious to everyone else that it would be deemed political if they didn’t go along. In other words, the worst they could do is ground out to first and go through the motions of running to the base to get tagged out. It’s not like the court is gonna knock one out of the park.