The GOP: The Road Not Taken…But Why?

Robert Frost

GOP: The Road Not Taken


Many people are quite familiar with the poem, The Road Not Taken, written by the great Robert Frost. I myself have heard it quoted many times.

Yet many only truly know the last lines, which read “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.”

Now many of you whom are reading this article are already wondering, now what in the heck are you giving me a poetry lesson about a poem that has only three good sentences(uhh …Really ??…anyway), get back to politics…To that I say bear with me for a moment I have a conjoining point.

Still reading? Great (my temperamental friend); if you examine the poem a little more closely or moreover read the whole thing yourself (don’t worry it’s not that long). You will discover the phrase prior to the last three, where Frost states, “I shall tell you with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence.” (I hear you yelling…something about again what the heck and politics…pipe down my red faced friend from Butcher Holler, KY).

How does this apply to politics today you say…(well did you? Dont worry I’ll wait… ok never mind I will say it)…I most recently read a Politico article entitled the Behind Closed Doors, the GOP Tries to Find Its Way. This got me to thinking of the aforementioned poem (ahhhh some of you are getting it, although some of you are still looking at the page with great vexation…uhhh, think a little harder, come on you can do it).

The Funny thing is as many times as I have heard the last lines of The Road Not Taken, repeated it was not until lately that I had actually gone out and bothered to read the whole thing (shhhh, let’s keep that on the low) what makes the difference in the interpretation is the lines prior to the last three. Many people who re quote that section often do so with a happy vocal tone; but under further examination you will notice that Frost never truly implied whether or not his choice bore positive fruit. Frost only states that his choice made a difference (using the word all the difference, as if to say that it was great in magnitude to how his life turned out.)

Now how does this apply to the journey that the GOP has now unwillingly undertaken? The GOP has taken a road less traveled by; their constant agenda is simple to oppose whatever the President does and/ or tries to do. This  “road” if you will had not more or less promise than the other one which was traveled a little more often than not ( to work, agree to disagree, and come together to create a better solution for our economic upsets).


In-other- words the GOP has taken the road less traveled and it has made all of the difference…but the question is was this choice a good one? And are they locked into this cycle of doom and gloom because they have traveled to far and too long to turn back now?

We will have to wait and see…I leave you with these words from my late grandmother, she said, “ My dear, you have made a bad choice to turn what could have been a friend into a foe and that has changed your life forever…the good news is, you have the intelligent to admit it, humble yourself, and make amends!” Good one grams!