Rupert Murdoch’s Pot Calls Obama’s Kettle Black

Rupert Murdoch advocates gun controlMedia Matters/Fox News
Twitter is Internet purgatory. It is where celebrity cowards go to apologize for their insensitive remarks. It is where congressman go to tweet their dongs to their mistresses. And it’s where victims of “epic Twitter battles” go to die.

It’s also where the spineless elite go to voice their views.

This time it’s Rupert Murdoch who chirped his cheap shots. Murdoch, who owns the biggest news channel in the United States, the channel with the highest viewership, the channel with the most avid NRA supporters, the channel whose anchors conceal-carry assault weapons to work every day (I assume), decided to take to TWITTER to express his views about gun control.

On Friday, he tweeted:

Really? When will politicians find the courage? Seriously? Politicians need to grow a pair but you have the most powerful news network at your disposal and you take to TWITTER! Has someone been deballed?

On Saturday, he tweeted:

I agree. We need bold leadership action from the President of the United States and from Congress. But it sure seems to me that there’s some multibillionaire out there who has his tail between his legs when it comes to the president of his network, Roger Ailes.

You do realize you pay this man’s salary, right? And you do realize that he’s in charge of the network’s programming? The same network programming that, without challenge, promoted Mike Huckabee’s claim that it was the systematic removal of God from our schools, not guns, that causes massacres. The same network that promotes the likes of Ann Coulter who claims “more guns, less shootings.” The same network that pays a salary to Brian Kilmeade who asks, “Why not arm Santa?” Really, I’m not making that up.

I realize Roger Ailes looks like Jabba the Hutt but there is no need to be afraid of him. I seriously doubt he can freeze you in carbonite and I’m guessing he might smell a little bit less rancid. Not sure.

So who’s lacking in leadership now? Before you point fingers at others (who rightly deserve criticism) you need to take a goooooooood look at yourself and your network, Mr. Murdoch.

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