Mitt Romney: The Writing Was On The Window?

Mitt Romney - The Writing Was On The WindowIn the movie titled The Social Network it tells the story of how on one fall night in 2003 Harvard undergrad Mark Zuckerberg sits down at his computer and heatedly begins working on a random concept. In what begins as an uncontrolled action of anger that included programming and blogging ends in what would later become our staple social media outlet known as Facebook.

However, this is not without a cost to Zuckerberg whom is later sued by many who believed they helped to bring his ideology to fruition.At a pivotal moment in t he story (during the trail) one of the accusing FBI Agents tells how they “cleverly” figured out his Facebook’s key formula code;to which Zuckerberg responded ” If you were truly clever you would have realized that it had been written on my dorm room window the entire time.” Okay now for those of you who think I am going to link the aforementioned information to the fact one time supporters have been unliking Mitt Romney’s Facebook page in record numbers since election day (11 unlikes every minute to be exact according to’s real time count…but who’s counting).Although that is quite interesting (and a story in and of itself) my linkage is a bit less, how do we say…shallow (if you will).

In an article entitled Republican’s Hunt For Election Lessons As Wounds Heal”, written by Charles Krupa ;the author seeks to find an answer to the question of what went wrong.More to the point, what was the formula to the winning campaign strategy that exposed the secret to their missed strategy?To use the wit of Mark Zuckerberg ” if the GOP would have been truly clever perhaps they would have realized the writing was on the dorm room window from the start.” In-other-words because the GOP looked for something more complicated they did not notice the simplicity of the situation.

Moreover, they forgot “We The People” of the United States of America.Let’s break that down even more plainly…Romney ran an entire campaign to become President of the United States without noticing he needed “people” to win it.Frankly, he ran his race from the government’s play book and that does not require appealing to the common man (or woman).Perhaps they felt there was no need to listen to the voice of the lowly, people like…the poor (for they will not get out and vote anyway), women (who are to emotional to make sound decisions), and/or Hispanics (I mean they are not from this country anyway).

In the end, “we…the people” taught government a very valuable lesson this election cycle…A democracy means the people will have the last word, no matter how hard you try to silence them or what propaganda you use to sway them.

I leave you with these words from my late grandmother, she said:” Passing judgment against people because they are different from you, is like being in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable spouse…You will never get to truly enjoy the blessings that come with having them there…ultimately someone who does not know you, can not take care of you.”