Single White Female

They Elected Obama.  They're Destroying America

Remember “The Blame Game?”  That’s when one party blames the other for the country’s problems, unless they actually did cause the problems and then it means “tag, you’re it, no tag-backs, nah-nah, nah, nah-nah.Looser!” But who do you blame when you loose an election that you were so sure you were going to win that you’re candidate didn’t even write a concession speech? Who do you blame when you’re so sure you’re going to win that you dismiss polls to the contrary, change your schedule at the last minute from the “must win states” to the “that would be nice” states, when you go all out trying to disenfranchise voters and your competitor comes up with voters you didn’t even know existed? What do you do when you use your state house election gains to create friendly districts but you still loose House seats?

Republicans are doing some soul searching.But let’s face it, the soul is kind of an amorphous thing, I mean how do we even know we have a soul?OK, so maybe we shouldn’t expect too much soul searching.Instead, they are doing some hand wringing, but that might be seen as a sign of weakness, which is not the kind of thing you want to show when your presidential candidate loses, along with five of your house and two senate seats.

Bill O’Reilly hardly recognizes America anymore, “the White Establishment is now the minority,” while Sean Hannity could hardly contain his ire, “America, you get the government you deserve,” but Rush Limbaugh was wistful, “I went to bed last night thinking, we’ve lost the country.” It was, after all, their country — from California to the New York Island, from the Redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters (this land was made for something, something, me).

So what went wrong for the Republicans? It certainly wasn’t money.Even before Romney reminded us that “corporations are people my friend, and all the money that flows to corporations eventually goes to the people,” the corporations were returning that money in the form of millions of dollars of super pack donations to elect candidates that wouldn’t require them to, well, to  return the money to the people. (And by that I mean the non-corporate people.)

Sixty-eight percent of single women voted for Obama, and while this jealous commentator believes the reason is that Obama can dance and impersonate Al Green (whereas my dates just laugh when I say I have him on 8-track cassette), conservatives have concluded it’s because they want free birth control, or control over their own bodies (even in the cases of legitimate rape).Like Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student, “she’s a slut.”  Or as Gretchen Carlson said, “when you’re married, abortion is not really—or contraception for that matter—is not maybe a huge part of your life.”  Could it be that married women have mastered the “shut the whole thing down” skill and only conceive when they decide?Who knew!

Own it single women, you elected Obama.You wanted birth control covered on your health insurance (when everyone knows pregnancy isn’t an illness, like, say, erectile dysfunction).No wonder Obama is “so in love with you.”

Voters we didn’t even know existed:

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