Mary Matalin Slams Democrats for Ruining America

[/media-credit] Mary Matalin Debates Van Jones on CNN with Wolf Blitzer

I know Mitt Romney has conceded defeat in his bid for Presidency but I still think it’s too close to declare an official winner. After all, if Florida falls Romney’s way then the election will move from ‘landslide’ to ‘thrashing’, and that’s one step closer to ‘undeniable loss’.

Other Republican pundits including CNN contributor – and Jane Lynch character inspiration – Mary Matalin are beginning to wade through the stages of grief and have now moved from denial to anger.

On The Situation Room yesterday, Matalin was engaged in a debate with Democractic pundit Van Jones in which she declared:

“[Obama’s] campaign was marked by malice, mendacity it was full of division and derision and destruction and distraction and distortion.”

That’s right. And if she wasn’t cut off she would have gone into negative words that begin with ‘E’. He was erroneous and egregious and elementary and empanada-loving.

The point is, Mary is right! Obama’s campaign only succeeded in driving this country further apart. And now the only thing we can do to bring this country together is to demonize the person 51% of people voted for.

Because now that Obama is President there is no hope for America, as Mary points out:

“I don’t see how anyone would trust him, even Democrats. He has no mandate for anything.”

See? You can’t trust Obama. How can you trust a candidate who doesn’t have a mandate for anything? At least with Romney you could tell his stance on an issue just by knowing the stance of whoever he’s talking to at the time.

But Barack Obama’s mandate is narrowly-focused and malicious as Mary aptly stated:

“[Obama] didn’t have any other issues mandated other than free contraception and taxing the rich. Van it was a campaign of platitudes and pap and it was divisive and it was destructive.”

That’s right. The only thing the President cares about is free contraceptives and taxing the rich. And once we allow those two things to happen this nation will be nothing but a bunch of fairly taxed, condom using liberals. And what’s the point of even using contraceptives in a country like that? Because I don’t know about you but there’s nothing that kills my mood quicker than income equality.

Even with Mary’s articulate and controlled argument Van Jones just didn’t get it:

“My hope is that we can get past the vitriol and find common ground. Mitt Romney sounded a much better tone than you just did right now, Mary.”

To which Mary responded:

“I don’t care what you think Van. I’m proud of Mitt Romney, he’s a gentelman, he’s courageous he ran a campaign of conviction and he should be proud of himself. Unlike the Democrats who have really excelled at the politics of personal destruction.”

That’s right Van. Mary doesn’t care what you think. She also doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Because if she did she’d be too embarrassed to go on television.

And these Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. Their campaign has been completely focused on personal destruction. Like when they focused on not saying anything when Mitt Romney threw 47% of Americans under the bus. Or when they focused on silently watching Romney’s foreign policy gaffes in every country he visited in July. Or when they focused on hearing but, not commenting when Mitt Romney told Latinos to self-deport.

That’s right Democrats. You stood idly by while Mitt Romney destroyed his own chances over and over again like a one-dimensional character in a children’s cartoon. And the only way your actions would have been remotely acceptable to Republicans is if you ran this campaign like a gentleman, and lost.

Watch the debate here: