Disturbance in the Force


[YouTube] Vader Cheney looks on while Smiling Joe debates.

Joe Biden has some great chops.  If you thought your daughter’s braces set you back, wait until you’re sixty and try to get what Joe’s got.  Anyone with that smile would show it off.  It would become an annoying habit.  And apparently, it’s really annoyed Vice President Dick Cheney.

Unfortunately, the name “Tricky Dick” has already been taken by Richard Nixon and  Lord Voldemort’s can’t be spoken.  But since we’re pretty sure that Mr. Cheney is “more machine now than man,” we’ll just have to call him Vader.  I don’t think Cheney tolerated smiling while he was in the White House any more than Oliver asking for more food at the orphanage.  So it must have been disturbing indeed for him to watch the split screen of Biden smiling while his “young apprentice” was seriously explaining that “no Bothan’s actually died” because they didn’t have health insurance.

Back to Biden.  Did you know that little Joe Biden had a stutter?  He overcame it by memorizing and reading Yeats and Emerson.   Oh, and smiling to relax is face.  So, his smiling is a kind of chicken and egg thing.  Did he smile to stop the stuttering then realize that he needed better teeth or having really great teeth decide that he might as well go with the smile than talk with marbles or wax poetic?  Except I’m pretty sure the chicken came first, because those teeth are way beyond eggshell. They are like arctic white.

In any case, don’t “Smile If You Like Cheney.”  He will sense a disturbance in the force.