Carefully Considering Your Ballot Choice Done Right

As the election draws nearer and the parties begin to really ramp up their campaign machines, the choice of which candidate to choose becomes clearer to most voters.

The debates begin in a week and that is the best opportunity for the candidates to try and persuade the undecided.  They will stand before all of America and defend their assertion that they are what America needs for the next four years.

Each voter has his or her own reasons for voting for their chosen candidate.  Sometimes it is a combination of things.  For instance, a person who has decided that they want America to have a strong defense, less government spending, and a car elevator in every garage will vote for Mitt Romney.  Conversely, a person who wants a green energy platform, higher taxes on the rich to support low income programs, and the utter destruction of America will vote for President Barack Obama.

There are other people out there that are individual issue voters.  People that will vote based on a single issue that is the most important to them.  Examples of this are abortion rights, gay marriage, or universal healthcare.

Early voting has already started in Iowa and statistics show that more than one-third of all voters vote early.  To many, the debates are a spectacle that can’t be missed because they need to consume as much information about their prospective presidential choice as possible.  Others have already made up their minds and no spectacle will sway them.

A person’s choice for the next President of the United States is a carefully weighed decision that sometimes takes months to come to and is always made in earnest.  Sometimes fueled by passion and sometimes by logic.  In either case, it is a decision that should embody the spirit of democracy and exemplify the very essence of why America has the greatest government the world has ever known.

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