Romney VS OBama: 1,000 Ways To Die (Grave Decisions)

Romney vs. Obama: 1,000 Ways To Die (Grave Decisions)

On May 14, 2008 the Spike Television Network debuted their latest enchantment of a show that they lovingly called 1,000 Ways To Die. “Stylizatations 1000 Ways to Die takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to death through its presentation of stories derived from myths and science, and the show makes liberal use of artistic license.” (Wikipedia)
 Now for those of you who have somewhat of a twisted sense of humor (which is a strong possibility if you are reading this article in spite of the title) this show is quite entertaining (kind of like watching an accident on the freeway, it could be nothing and yet the blinking lights on top of the police car for whatever reason always makes you rubber neck).
Ok now that I have your attention bare with me for a moment while I ask what may appear to be an unrelated question.
Have you ever heard a speaker deliver a presentation so eloquently that you were  completely captivated, curious of what comes next? Complete captivation happens when the advanced  presenter makes words flow smoothly and harmoniously, grabs the confidence of his or her listeners, and/or leaves you feeling confident in his or her abilities?

If your answer to the above question is yes…then you were in all likelihood not at the Republican National Convention (yes I know it was cruel but I just could’nt resist).

I can compare this mega dissapointment to an episode of 1,000 Ways To Die. Meaning it was like watching a bad renactment of the GOP’s untimely death. Listening to the obvious exaggerations, and what came across as petty critques of President Obama’s first term may have been intended to rally the troops and move the strategy forward.

Unfortunately, it fell lame (if you will). The Republicain’s tender shift into their new GOP messaging (of the week it is constantly changing) to the public was unclear, and at moments sounded like a bad impersonation of the Democrates (if you are confused by why or how join the rest of the voters).

At one point Paul Ryan (bless his little heart) vowed to protect Medicare for seniors and called his mom his hero. This little Disney moment or After School Special (for us older folks) did’nt distract many of the listeners enough for us to forget about how just a couple of moments ago his plans were to make major cuts to the Medicare program that may in fact do the opposite.

In the end, we can synopsize that this season’s Republican National Convention was…well…in effectual (yes that is a word).

In other words, it did nothing to repair but only revealed more of the recklessness of despair that has themed this seasons elections.

I leave you with these words from my late grandmother, she said: ” When you find that your strategy has become a spider web where every decision has an element of gravestness to it…It means your choice was wrong in the first place…get off that road, for you can not salvage what should have never been…at this point your best bet is to pick one disaster to improve on and ride that one out!”