RNC Might Be Postponed Due to Isaac

It looks as if the Republican National Convention may have to be postponed due to Tropical Storm Isaac.  The storm brewing in the waters of the Caribbean is gaining strength and is forecasted to become Hurricane Isaac later this week.  RNC and Tampa Officials have stated that they are preparing to call off the convention if need be.

According to the Director of Communications for the Convention, James Davis, the planning committees are working with their directors at the federal, state, and local levels and have contingency plans in place to help ensure that all the attendees are safe.  The U.S. Secret Service is heading up the security for the convention but multiple agencies would be on standby to offer assistance in the case of an emergency.

After hearing that Republican leaders were ready with plans in place for all possible outcomes of Isaac, representatives of the Democratic Party released this statement:

“Republican Convention planners say that they have plans for how best to respond in the case of an emergency but why won’t they show us the details?  Moreover, they say that the plan is designed to keep all attendees safe but a non-partisan think tank has come out with a study that says something else.  According to the study, the RNC’s plans are designed to only save the rich convention attendees by hurting the middle-class and female attendees.

“This is exactly the kind of shortsightedness that we have come to expect from the Republican Party.  Political insiders and Big Business fund these conventions and obviously the people in charge are going to help their donors get out of harm’s way by sacrificing women and the poor.

“We here, in the Democratic Party, denounce the continued practices of the RNC to favor the rich.  They should come forward and provide their detailed plans of exactly which doors, streets, keys, number of water bottles available, blanket estimates, and how their response will deal with all income levels fairly in the case of emergency.

“Need I remind you of the Bush Administration?  We don’t need another Katrina.”

This reporter reached out to Republican leadership for a response and received this statement:

“How many times is this current administration going to keep referring to the Bush Era?  We are a party that looks ahead to implement policies and ideas that will help all attendees no matter their economic level or gender.  The mere suggestion that this party is prejudice against its middle-class and female attendees is shameful and exactly what we’ve come to expect from a Democratic Party that cannot stand on their own record.

“As for the request for our convention directors to produce a detailed plan, our directors have detailed plans but we know that the Democrats only want us to reveal them so they can be used for additional fictitious attacks against our party.   This campaign is being dragged into the mud by the leadership of the Democratic Party and we here at this convention will not stand for it any longer.”

It seems there is a storm brewing in Florida, but it isn’t Isaac, it’s politics.