Mitt Romney Accuses Obama of ‘War on Religion’, Ignores Facts

Mitt Romney Speaks

[/media-credit] Mitt Romney – fighting the good fight.

If you know me you know I love a good campaign commerical. In 30 seconds or less a commercial can sum up all the things I believe about a candidate without being bogged down by facts or “the truth”.

Like this new ad released by the Romney campaign about Obamacare forcing religious employers to cover contraceptives:

“President Obama used his healthcare plan to declare war on religion. Forcing religious institutions to go against their faith.”

That’s right. Now that Obama is forcing religious institutions to pay for a bunch of sex-crazed, unmarried harlots to ravage the streets with their promiscuous fuck-abouts it’s only a matter of time before religion as we know it is taken down from the inside.

Contraception is just phase one of this attack. Next Obamacare will force religious institutions to cover a gay person’s spouse…or worse a gay couple’s adopted children.

Now even Obama admitted he went too far with this blatant attack on religion when he:

“Signed off on an ‘accommodation’ that exempted religious institutions from the rule by allowing women to get free birth control directly from their insurance provider.”

Of course this small fact was never mentioned in Romney’s attack ad. And with good reason! It would distract voters from realizing Obama’s intention to declare war on religion by proving that he has no intention to declare war on religion.

America! Don’t be misled by looking at what actually happened. If you really want things to work out in your favor just ignore everything that happens once you reach the part you like. That’s why I always stop The Lion King before Mufasa dies. To me, the movie is about a father lion showing his son the future kingdom. The End. I do not know what Hakuna Matata means, and I never will.