Mitt Romney Tells Harry Reid He Put Out ‘Smelly Baloney’

Mitt Romney vs. Harry Reid - Baloney

Mitt Romey fights fire with baloney.

This nation has always been about honoring people’s beliefs. But recently Mitt Romney has been unfairly persecuted for his belief to shrowd his financial history in secrecy. Several days ago Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went over the top with his prejudice when he claimed,

‚ÄúThere is a controversy because the Republican presidential nominee, Governor Mitt Romney, refuses to release his tax returns. As I said before, I was told by an extremely credible source that Romney has not paid taxes for ten years.”

Yes. A source so extremely credible that he cannot even be named. This leads me to believe that Harry Reid’s source may in fact be Voldemort. This reminds me of my college term paper where on my works cited I wrote, ‘You’re gonna have to trust me, my sources are definitely not my roommate’s cats.’

Mitt Romney’s spokesman Mason Harrison was the first to speak out against Harry Reid’s cheap shot:

“This is further proof that the president’s campaign is willing to say whatever it takes to distract from his economic record, no matter how baseless, unfounded or demonstrably false their attacks are.”

You see! These attacks are demonstrably false. So demonstrably false that Romney’s campaign will not even take the time to demonstrate their falsehood.

But the question on everyone’s mind was, “Will Romney strike back against Reid?” Just last week Newsweek labeled Romney a ‘wimp’ and ‘insecure’. This being said after they picked him last for the kickball team at recess. Well yesterday My Man Mitt hit the air waves and went right after the jugular:

“It’s time for Harry to put up or shut up. The Obama Campaign is gonna do anything in its power to try and talk about anything besides the President’s record. These are all the things he can’t talk about so they try and put this kind of baloney out there and the people could smell it for what it is and its not a pretty smell.”

You said it Mitt! Harry Reid and the Democrats keep putting out baloney.

So you better think twice before crossing Mitt ‘Smell my Meat’ Romney because he will crush you with a cold-cut related analogy just like some of the toughest people in our history.

Like when the great general Hannibal said, ‘We will cut through these mountains like a sweet honey glazed ham.”
Or when Winston Churchill said, ‘The Nazis are like an olive loaf, not good.’