Pander and Hope

Accusations should never be bandied about without just cause.  A good example would be accusing a group of people of waging a war on women without any real proof.  No, the just thing to do is explore every possible explanation for an action and then, and only then, if no other conclusion can be found, levy the bold accusation.

Like this:

Several recent actions coming from the President have given me pause.  Those actions are: the “Buffett Rule,” open support of gay marriage, a college tour promoting student-loan interest rate reduction, an equal-pay-for-women bill, and finally an executive order to decrease deportations for some 800,000 illegal aliens brought to the US as children.

Why the sudden flurry of liberal activity?

Seeking an answer to this question I obviously attempted to ascertain the true nature of the President’s motives.  The first logical conclusion I arrived at was that the President had been hard at work for the entire previous three and a half years and all that hard work was just now bearing fruit.

That seemed unlikely.  Mainly because in the entirety of those three and a half years the President was silent on the gay marriage and equal pay fronts, paid lip service to ever increasing tuition costs, paid millions and millions to 1-percenter friends of his in the green sector, and set deportation records.  So it had to be something else.

Still believing that his motives must be pure, I assumed he must be worried that his time in office could be cut short and had to scramble to implement his long-standing agenda for a better America.  Maybe…

It is possible that he is coming from a good place in his heart, striving to create a better America before the November election.  He may very well be trying to optimize the time he has left in office that is guaranteed.  Naaahh.

You and I both know he’s pandering.  C’mon, who are Obama’s bread-n-butter voters?

•  Young people. Talk about keeping student-loan interest rates low and come out in favor of gay marriage. Check.

•  The poor. Talk about taxing the rich. Check.

•  Women. Talk about equal pay. Check.

•  Minorities. The Latino vote is a necessity in close races; give them de facto amnesty if they came here as a child. Checkmate.

Nevermind the fact that the interest rate on tuition was never going to be allowed to increase by either party, the public support for gay marriage is nice but that’s where he stopped, the “Buffett Rule” would have lowered the national debt only a tenth of a percent and that’s assuming the highest estimate of revenue gained, the equal pay bill was a political ploy during an economic “recovery” where women’s unemployment rate has not decreased, and that an executive order is erased when a new executive is elected effectively guaranteeing nothing.

I tried.  I really tried to see another possible motive for why this President of “Hope and Change” was doing what he was doing.  But alas, it seems that he’s doing what every other politician in a tight election race does: pander.