Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Sets Taser to Oy! with New Unity Government

Netanyahu Unity Government - Don't Tase Me BroMashup by Deborah Brancheau
And in the “Don’t tase me bro!” department is this new stunning development. Apparently Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has learned that peace in the Middle East involves cooperation with your rivals. Thus, in an overnight deal with Kadima, he has decided to form a coalition government with his Likud party’s long time foes:

The stunning partnership with the opposition Kadima party, announced overnight Tuesday just as the nation was expecting him to call early elections, means the premier _ if he so desires _ can compromise with the Palestinians without being brought down by hard-line nationalists who had controlled his fate.

“A broad national unity government is good for security, good for the economy, good for the people of Israel,” Netanyahu declared at a news conference with Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz, his new deputy prime minister. …

Netanyahu now heads a 94-member coalition, one of the broadest alliances in the 120-seat parliament in Israeli history _ putting him in a strong position to push forward with new initiatives. (Associated Press)

Netanyahu Unity Government - It Won't Happen OvernightPantene - It Won
Things that won’t happen overnight: shiny, glorious, whooshy hair.

Things that can happen overnight: the establishment of an Israeli coalition government with the hopes of forging a new compromise that will help end decades of conflict with their Palestinian neighbors. A conflict that has involved all the superpowers of the world and nearly led us into a third world war headlined by Iranian nukes.

Okay, so who knows where this new government is headed exactly. But let’s keep our fingers crossed. Peace in the Middle East means less underwear bombers!

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