And the Placating Continues

White House
Remember high school?  Now that you are older, (I am assuming there are no high schoolers enjoying political satire websites, although I may be mistaken) can you recognize how many terrible decisions you made back then, trying to fit in?  I am sure one or two of you smoked to try and look cool or drank even though the beer tasted like foot-covered crotch sweat.  Well President Obama hasn’t quite outgrown that phase.

Everyone wants to be liked.  Popularity is an infectious thing.  People may pretend they don’t care if people like them, but deep down everyone wants friends.  That or they are the Mail Bomber.

Unfortunately for Chinese Rights Activist Chen Guangcheng, President Obama is still making decisions because he wants to be liked, and not because they are the right thing to do.

Chen is a self taught lawyer and prominent activists that was jailed for years and then put under house arrest after exposing atrocities committed by the Chinese government pertaining to its 1-Child law.  Last week the blind activist made a daring escape to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing after two years of house arrest.

After six days at the American Embassy, Chen was transported to a medical facility where he sits today, alone, without any U.S. government protection.  A news report from Thursday’s The Daily Beast quotes Chen, “My fervent hope is that it would be possible for me and my family to leave for the U.S. on Hillary Clinton’s plane.” Secretary Clinton is in China on an economic based trip.  A second phone call to Daily Beast reporter Melinda Liu, some 12 hours later, reiterated that desire.

But, unfortunately he is talking to deep-bowing, “I’ll have more flexibility after the election”, bending-over-for-Karzai President Obama.  I think Wei Jingsheng, a Chinese democracy activist who spent more than 17 years in Chinese prisons before his negotiated release to the U.S. said it best, “The Chinese government knew the Americans were soft from the very beginning.”

Can’t piss off the cool kids or they won’t invite you to parties.  Don’t want to openly defy the country that openly defies us by doing business with North Korea and Iran.  No real reason to stand up for the founding principles of our nation if it means we’d lose a “friend.”  I mean, it’s obvious Obama can’t stand up to China because the head cheerleader would never go to the prom with him.

Clearly, making decisions based on popularity is exactly what made America great. Remember when we sent that Bill of Rights thing around?  That was so cool of us.