Newt Gingrich, Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Newt Gingrich, Now It’s Time to Say GoodbyeWell everyone,  “Napping Newt” had to finally wake up, and before I begin this article I wanted to give him a real send off…(clearing my throat)…Ok, sing it with me (Mickey mouse club show theme music please):

Who’s the leader of the club
that embarrassed the G.O.P?


Newt Gingrich! (Mitt Romney)
Newt Gingrich! (Mitt Romney)

Forever let us hang our head in shame (shame, shame, shame!)

Come along and sing a song
And join the jamboree!


Now it’s time to say goodbye to all Newt’s employees

N-E-W, Double you real soon!
T-G-I, I? I see moon colonies.
N-G-R-I-C-H (applause)!!

Okay, now on with the article:

And so it is written (no, wait that is the ten commandments) Newt Gingrich has decided to suspend his campaign … hmmm, I wonder if it had anything to do with Gingrich’s top staff quitting en masse just recently (probably not, right?).

Perhaps I posed the wrong question; the real question is what happened that they felt the need to make what many say was “a team decision.”

In a statement given by Dave Carney to Politico he attributes the loss to the differences in the team’s vision for the campaign and Gingrich’s vision for the campaign. Carney states, “The professional team came to the realization that the direction of the campaign they sought and Newt’s vision for the campaign were incompatible,” (uhhhhh, they are just now figuring that out … um, where have they been during this election again?).

Okay, at this point we need to review the facts: Let’s face it, Newt’s campaign had a rocky start, and even rocker middle, and finally an even more turbulent “ending” or suspension which ever you prefer, so why quit now?

According to Politico one source said, “the last straw came when Gingrich went ahead last week with a long-planned cruise in the Greek isles with his wife” (in-other words, taking a break in the middle of a major political campaign would be like getting caught on camera sleeping … ha ha ha, oh wait … never mind.).

Additionally, another source added, “We felt like he’d be better off if he had the opportunity to proceed with his vision and how he wants to do things.” (Meaning get out of your own way and let them do their job maybe?)

Needless-to-say, in the end Mr. Gingrich’s campaign time was running on an hourglass like existence. Unfortunately for him, Newt was not truly supported by either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party; and so I leave you with this quote from my beloved grandmother:

“To make and impact on the world, you must first make that impression on the people around you.” (true, true).