Catholic League Boycotts “Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, Targets Kraft Foods’ MiO Energy (Buy it Today!)

Catholic League Boycotts Daily Show with Jon StewartThe Daily Show
Last week during Rosengate, the Catholic League opened their Twitter twat and tweeted about how horrible Hilary Rosen is for being a lesbian and therefore having to adopt children while Ann Romney had five of her own. This week the Catholic League has decided to stage a boycott of The Daily Show sponsors like Kraft Foods because they didn’t like one comedic piece that the show aired on Monday.

The League is furious about a photo which strategically placed a Nativity scene over a naked woman’s private parts. They also claim there is a media cover up because some news organizations that reported about the show the next day didn’t happen to mention the “vagina manger.”

“The cover-up is revealing. This episode of ‘The Daily Show’ was done to protest Fox’s alleged indifference to the ‘war on women,’ and in doing so Stewart not only made a vulgar attack on Christians, he objectified women.”

Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show (for those living under a lack of a sense of humor), was addressing the fact that Fox News has continued to deny that there is any possibility that there just might be a “War on Women.”

The offending segment called “The Battled for the War on Women” began as Stewart brought up the fact the Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had just signed a bill to repeal the states equal pay law. That means companies in Wisconsin would no longer be required to pay women equal salaries to that of men for equal work.

During a portion of the segment, Stewart listed out a slew of bills, provisions, acts, laws, etc. in a number of states and at the federal level that have limited women’s access to women’s health care. Evidence to many that there is in fact is a “War on Women.”

Fox News denies such “War” could possibly be happening, yet, as Stewart points out they’ve touted that their most definitely has been a “War on Christmas” citing such evidence as: companies now say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” the Tulsa Christmas Parade of Lights is now called the Holiday Parade of Lights, one home owners association band colored lights, and one school in Stockton, CA won’t allow poinsettias because it may offend non-Christians.

That’s when Stewart finally asked:

What can women do to generate the same sense of outrage from Fox News as the removal of decorative, slightly poisonous holiday plants? Perhaps they could play into the theme. Maybe women could protect their reproductive organs from unwanted medical intrusions with vagina mangers.

(Laughing at the site of the picture) I had not seen that picture. That really could be anything. That almost looks like the crown from those Imperial Margarine commercials!

Or perhaps instead of asking for birth control, women could get an Advent Calendar with pills instead of chocolate. Oooo! The 20th! Placebo Day!

Stewart then took a moment to show some respect for the Christmas Holiday:

Alright, Christmas is a special case. That is an incredibly important holiday and, again, I’m sure that nothing else rises to that level of outrage.

Cue the slew of videos showing Fox News claiming there is a war on just about everything: War on Chanukah, War on Easter, War on Fall Holidays, War on Halloween, War on Fossil Fuels, War on the Constitution, War on Ladies Night, War on Fisherman, War on Salt, War on Chocolate Milk, War on Sugary Drinks, War on Food, War on Spuds…

Fox News does admit that there is ONE war on women … it’s just on CONSERVATIVE women. Right, Hilary Rosen?

The Catholic League’s campaign, as noted, has specifically targeted Kraft Foods. And in a news release posted on their website they explain the “next phase of the campaign against Jon Stewart”:

Yesterday, we mailed a letter to part of our list of “Allied Organizations” asking them to join us in pressuring Comedy Central to get Jon Stewart to apologize for his vicious “vagina manger” stunt of April 16. Today, we are mailing to the rest of our list. On this list are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Mormon and Muslim organizations that we have worked with before in similar culture-war battles. We are also asking these religious leaders to contact Kraft Foods requesting that they join the campaign asking for Stewart to apologize. Failing that we are asking Kraft to pull its sponsorship of one of its products, MiO Energy, from the show.

We are in no way holding Kraft Foods responsible for Stewart’s hate speech. But we are asking Kraft to act responsibly.

HATE SPEECH?! It’s a MANGER!!! It’s were Jesus was born! And it’s in front of a vagina. Also where Jesus was born! Maybe not conceived, but born. How is that hate speech?

Nevertheless, why do I have a feeling there’s going to be a run on MiO Energy? Better get yours today before the stores run out!

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