Catholic League on Rosengate: Adoptive Parents Suck, Get Over It

Catholic League on Rosengate - Adoptive Parents Suck, Get Over ItBill Donohue’s Catholic League took a moment to throw their miter in the ring yesterday and give their opinion on Rosengate via Twitter:

Oh no you di-in’t! Catholic League money slam! … See … ’cause they think lesbians are an abomination and the scourge of the earth and all that. That’s why it’s so … you know … funny.

Of course, they just insulted all the millions of adoptive parents nationwide who CHOSE to parent the children of some other couple. Not because they got knocked up five times by their millionaire husband.

Did I just say that? Was that out loud?

Oh and if you think that the Catholic League’s tweet was a bit much, don’t worry, they apologized:

Ha! Just kidding. “Apologized.” That was good. I had you going there a little bit, didn’t I?

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