Mitt Romney: GOP Political Race…And The Winner Is?

Mitt Romney - Political Satire In MotionGage Skidmore
President Eisenhower once said he erred in his opinion and/or choices of only two people (for chosen elected officials) and that those choices later went on to shifted the tenor of the court from conservative to liberal, which was something he had not intended.

Flash forward to our present day “choices” that will be equally as effective in “their” impact; now that Rick Santorum has suspended his campaign (a fancy way of saying got the heck out of dodge) we have a clear front runner in Mitt Romney. That is correct, good old Mintz the Butcher Holler (that is Butcher Hollow, Kentucky) favorite (at least according to many of the jokes in past articles, but I digress). The question is whether or not this choice is a good one?

In-other-words did Romney win because he truly is the “front runner” or is he simply the best the GOP has to offer (meaning Romney physically matches one of the common images of what some believed a president should look like).

Moreover, least we forget in a country where 80% percent identify themselves with a religious denomination out of that 76% percent are Christian’s. Meanwhile, according to there are only 1.97% of American’s that identify themselves as Mormons (72% of that 1.97% are in Utah…OK so that one was distorted in fact but you get the point).

The question now becomes is America truly wanting a Mormon President to run a Christian country? Does that even make sense?

Now, I know somewhere in Los Angeles, California there is a Catholic, atheist, straight, transvestite, married to his gay girlfriend’s sister (yes, all the same person). Yelling at the iPad he is reading in the middle of rush hour traffic, and ragging about how America is a free country separate from church and state. Understood however, other people (outside of Los Angeles, of course) still think being President is a very important job, where such matters as religious beliefs effect our country as a whole. Thus, this question could be a deciding factor for many of the American voters.

In the end, will the decisions made in this very long GOP race go down in history as some of the worst decisions or will they simple go down in the flames of history to be forgotten? Either way Americans have to first figure out if our initial decision to have Mitt Romney be the GOP political front runner was a choice that will have an Eisenhower like momentum moving forward…and that would be something that the GOP had, like Eisenhower, not intended.

As my grandma always said, “Yes. I know that you can do that…but…does that necessarily mean that you should do it?” (hummm good question).