Teller Foils Robbery: ‘Bank’s Closed, Come Back Tomorrow’

Teller Foils Robbery - 'Bank's Closed, Come Back Tomorrow'Colin Brown
It’s 5 p.m. in Northwest Chicago. Do you know where your money is? Hopefully, it’s at Albany Bank and Trust in the 3400 block of West Lawrence Ave. where a savvy bank teller foiled an actual robbery attempt as evidenced by a criminal complaint filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court.

Around 5 p.m. on March 29, Olga Perdomo approached the teller and handed her a note demanding “all of your money, no cops, no dye pack.”

The teller took the note and told the would-be robber that “the bank was closed and that she should come back tomorrow.”

Evidently, the robber agreed since she left the bank.

According to the Chicago Tribune, surveillance video showed that the woman was “dressed in plaid pajama bottoms and a dark-colored hooded jacket.” So it is truly odd as to why the teller didn’t call 911 and then defy police orders and chase the woman down with a loaded weapon because surely she must have felt threatened in this situation.

No, instead she used her wits and as a result a bank employee spotted Perdomo outside the bank on Monday with another man named Willie Weathersby who had robbed the same bank on March 23rd of $2,589 (okay so maybe you don’t want to bank there). That employee called the police who quickly arrested Perdomo and who ironically chased down Weathersby.

Good job, teller lady!

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