Pratt, Gun Owners of America: ‘Trayvon Martin Lost His Rights’ After He Skittle-Whipped Zimmerman

Pratt, Gun Owners of America - Trayvon Martin Lost His Rights After He Skittle-Cocked ZimmermanCurrent TV
Larry Pratt, executive director of the Gun Owners of America, visited Current TV’s The Young Turks on Friday to discuss the Trayvon Martin case and to explain to Cenk Uygur how Martin’s death was actually all Martin’s fault. For those of you that are familiar with Cenk, you know how well that went over with him.

Mr. Pratt’s reasoning was a classic one. After a new anonymous witness came forward claiming that he saw 17-year-old, 140lb, 6’3”, Skittle-toting Martin pummeling the shit out of 28-year-old, 250lb, 5’9”, gun-toting George Zimmerman, Pratt figured: “Well, gee, if someone is beating you up, you get to shoot them.”

Okay. Simple enough.

But now let’s add some reality to it. Martin as previously mentioned, was only armed with Skittles (and iced tea – not even Ice T! … well maybe on iTunes). He was simply walking from the convenience store to his father’s girlfriend’s house when Zimmerman decided he needed to follow him.

Mind you, Zimmerman did call the Sanford Police Department, saying he witnessed “suspicious” behavior. I know, right? Walking? Who the fuck walks these days? That guy’s got to be on drugs or something. And a hoodie? WTF? In the rain? OMG!

According to Zimmerman, Martin was staring at him a little too much and coming towards him. At one point Martin took off running.

Now since Martin isn’t here to tell his side of the story, I’m going to take a stab at Martin’s perspective. According to Martin, Zimmerman was staring at him a little too much and coming towards him. Martin, feeling threatened, took off running.

Still on the phone with the police, the dispatch officer told Zimmerman, “We’re on it. We’ll be there. Sit the fuck down. DON’T FOLLOW THIS GUY!”

So what did Zimmerman do? He followed him. And by “followed” we mean ran after him with a gun.

Once Zimmerman caught up to Martin there was a scuffle and, according to Pratt’s new witness, at some point Martin got the upper hand and beat the crap out of Zimmerman with his fists and a rainbow of fruit flavors.

That ass kicking, according to Larry Pratt, is what gave Zimmerman the right to use lethal force on the young high schooler.

Straight from the horse’s ass, I mean, mouth:

Trayvon Martin gave up his rights and shifted from being a victim to being an aggressor when after he knocked Zimmerman down he didn’t run away from that situation. Instead he doubled down on the guy and then started doing a world of damage.



Remember the last time Trayvon ran away from this guy? Yeah. That was fun.

The fucking police couldn’t even convince this zealot to stop! So Trayvon “stands his ground” this time making Zimmerman “taste the rainbow”. And Trayvon does it with fists. Maybe gave Zimmerman a nose job while he’s at it.

And for that he deserves to be shot.


Trayvon’s mom said it best:

My son didn’t do anything he was walking home from the store. Why would the neighborhood watch guy have a weapon?…It’s just crazy. You are supposed to watch the neighborhood, not take the law into your own hands. – Trayvon mother Sybrina Fulton

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