Things Heating Up in Illinois

Things Heating Up in IllinoisNo, not that kind of “heat”, not the kind that would imply anything even remotely interesting or exciting is happening in the Illinois primary. Romney will win and everyone on TV will argue about whether the win was by a large enough margin to put Santorum away. I’ll answer that now. No. No it isn’t.

The heat I’m referring to is the actual temperature. Today marks Chicago’s seventh straight day with temperatures reaching the 80’s. Temperatures in Chicago have never been this high in March, or April for that matter. It is the hottest it has been since people began keeping records 141 years ago.

The GOP candidates don’t seem to be (pun alert) sweating it. Neither candidate has talked about environmental issues at all, except when they are deriding them of course.

When asked about global warming, former Senator Rick Santorum said, “The dangers of carbon dioxide? Tell that to a plant, how dangerous carbon dioxide is.” The complete lack of understanding necessary to make a quote like that possible is so disarming I can’t think of a joke about it. Seriously, read it again, I’ll wait…Your back? Insane right; and this guy is still a fairly legitimate candidate to run for PRESIDENT.

Former Governor Mitt Romney, never one to actually take a stand on an issue (eww, principles) said “Scientists will figure out 10, 20, 50 years from now” if humans are a major cause in global warming. So, in his noncommittal response about global warming he can’t even commit to a length of time it will take scientists to decide. 10 or 50? That is a four decade time span! Now that, my friends, is a leader of men.

When did the Republican Party become the anti-environment party? In 1988, with much less advanced research than we have today, President George H.W. Bush said he planned to meet the “greenhouse effect with the White House effect”.

Those words could actual serve our current President well. It’s a rarity to hear President Obama speak about environmental issues anymore. I guess with an economic crisis and rising gas prices no one running for President wants to talk about conservation and greenhouse gases. Maybe the strategy is to keep our country from falling apart now, economically, so we can let it fall apart later, environmentally.

Since economics seem to be the only thing on any candidate’s mind, let me put this in terms they might understand. Last year in the United States there were more multi-billion dollar weather disasters than any other year in history. So maybe one of the candidates can actually start talking about environmental issues, consider reducing carbon emissions as a type of austerity measures. Everybody hates government spending.