Stewart Calls Trump Like He Sees Him: A F***wad

With the Republican nominations still up in the air for the 2012 presidential election, a small herd of elephants has dipped their stumps in the water as a test to see if the oval office is in their future. Yet with candidates like Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann, the GOP will have to face the comedic wrath of Jon Stewart as evidenced on Tuesday night’s Daily Show.

After taking his first two swings at Santorum for saying Social Security lacks funding due to legalizing abortion and Bachmann who referred to Obamacare as the crown jewel of socialism, Stewart aimed squarely at Donald Trump.

Trump, who is now second in most Republican presidential polls, says he can explain why there are birth announcements in two separate Hawaiian newspapers regarding Obama’s birth:

“The grandparents put them there because obviously they wanted him to be a United States citizen,” said Trump, “… for hospitalization, for welfare, for this, for that, for all of the other assets you get from being a United States citizen.”

Stewart’s response: “His mother was American, you f***wad!”

Stewart did admit that the Republicans have one conceivable candidate in Mitt Romney but he couldn’t help referring to him as “Captain Buzzkill.” Romney may have to crank up the crazy just to get enough media attention, says Stewart.

“You’re competing with crazy people Mitt. I’m a competent businessman is not going to cut through.”

Maybe, Romney should take some pointers from Trump.

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