Newt Gingrich: A Foreboding Nap For Newt

Newt Gingrich falls asleep at AIPACCNN | ABC
If ever there was a sign that Newt Gingrich’s days in the GOP political race could be numbered it is him getting caught nodding off before he spoke at the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (Ahhh the stuff that dreams are made of for all political satire writers). While grabbing forty winks behind closed doors is one thing, doing it in front of rolling cameras is another issue entirely. The former House speaker went on to say that he looked forward to the panel’s questions ( I guess that distracting little red light on the camera woke him up)…but…uhhh, there kind of wasn’t one, and so everyone just sat and stared at Gingrich (kind of like usual only this time it was without the disdain) finally, the introducer said there were no questions and Newt could continue.

One could only speculate as to how Gingrich’s strategy for winning (described by his spokesman R.C. Hammond simply as “getting Mitt Romney out of the race) was “dreamed up” (ha ha get it dream…OK, save your applause until the end of the article).

Although, Newt did say before going live that “Listening to [Secretary of Defense Leon] Panetta is not a relaxing experience,” does it really excuse sleeping on the job and is this the first time he has falling asleep on camera? No…according to Piers Morgan (of Piers Morgan Tonight) who aired a still shot of Gingrich napping during Morgan’s pre-questioning.

The question becomes should we really be so surprise at this type of behavior, when it is coming from a man who in his own words is “Taking Rick Santorum’s advice” (ummm…yyeah…ok).

In the end, Newt Gingrich vows to stay in the “fight” but can his supporters be so certain that the “fight”…is still…in him?

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