Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Posse Investigates Obama Birth Certificate, Screws 13-Year-Old Girls

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Posse Investigates Obama Birth Certificate, Screws 13-Year-Old GirlsRaw Story | WND
You thought it was over, didn’t you? But it’s like that serial killer at the end of the horror movie that just never quite dies. Yes, unfortunately, they’re BAAA-aaack … the Birthers that is. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his self-proclaimed “Posse” have returned with their results of their six- month long investigation into the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth certificate. And guess what they have found? Just guess.

It’s a FAKE! Yes, I am just as shocked as you! The Posse, which purportedly spends it’s time on cold cases, hence their name, Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse, spent their time, not on the now cold case of a 13-year-old girl who was pummeled to the floor by a stranger, knocked unconscious and sexually assaulted in her own home, nor another 13-year-old girl who was fondled in the middle of the night by her mother’s live-in boyfriend.

No, they spent their time on dredging up Barack Obama’s birth certificate which has already been verified by the state of Hawaii and by Fox News, no sh!t.

Instead of investigating the 32 reported cases of child molestations in El Mirage alone where police say the sheriff’s office failed to follow through, the Cold Case Posse whipped out the safety paper and their amateurish knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and spent six months occupying the all-in-one copier.

And what did we get? A new set of videos that’s just a regurgitation of Alex Jones but this time with smooth sounding narration which makes it sound soooo much more truer.

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