Ron Paul Wins By A Fist

Washington Times
Andrew Harnik’s photo of a lone, clenched fist next to Ron Paul at a rally in Iowa won the first-place prize in the “Eyes of History” annual competition. The award given by the White House Photographers Association was the fourth first-place win for the Washington Times’ photographer. The photo has also been called the “Political Photo of the Year.”

Mr. Harnik said he was shocked that he won this year’s competition considering the other photos that were nominated: A foot seen in the foreground of a Rick Santorum rally, a nostril posing at a Mitt Romney stump speech, and a bruised left kneecap at a Newt Gingrich event were all nominees.

The fist was unavailable for comment. My sources, however, say that this clenched hand may show up at political events in the future.