Santorum’s Plan to Harm Impoverished Women Revealed

Rick Santorum Standing On HayWikipedia

Rick Santorum, hater of women, standing on some hay to look folksy.

It is well documented that Rick Santorum hates women. Especially women who don’t constantly have babies. Santorum has stated in several speeches and interviews that birth control doesn’t work and that it “is harmful to women” and the country.

However, in a recent interview with Charlie Rose last week Santorum brought up the issue of Title X, a controversial bill that provides poor women with birth control by saying,  “My public policy beliefs are that this contraception should be available. Again, I’ve supported Title X funding.”

The logic is simple.

Premise: Santorum believes birth control “doesn’t work” and is “harmful to women”

Premise: Santorum supports providing birth control to impoverished women.

Conclusion: Therefore, Santorum supports harming impoverished women.

Pretty clever. Santorum is plotting the destruction of poor women by giving them what they want.

But apparently the diabolical nature of Santorum’s plan became too much for him to handle.
Because in the Arizona Primary Debate Santorum declared, “I opposed Title X funding. I’ve always opposed Title X funding, but it’s included in a large appropriation bill that includes a whole host of other things.”

Let’s take a look at these two quotes again said within one week of each other:

Last week: “Again, I’ve supported Title X funding.”

This week: “I opposed Title X funding. I’ve always opposed Title X funding.”

Okay. Once again let’s look at these lines from a logical standpoint. I’m not 100% sure about this but those two statements seem to break ‘the law of non-contradiction.’ It’s the same rule broken here:

P: I am a boat.

P: I am not a boat.

You see a thing cannot be and not be at the same time. Yet Rick Santorum both opposes and supports Title X at the same time. Incredible!

The reason for this apparent contradiction is in the result. Remember, Rick Santorum’s number one goal is to harm women who don’t have at least seven babies. At first, it seemed like punishing them with morality ruining drugs would do the most harm. However, after a week of deliberation he concluded that it would be more effective to harm impoverished women using the more traditional Republican method of removing welfare programs.

So let there not be any confusion as to where Santorum stands. This issue isn’t about whether Santorum hates poor women, it’s about the method he will choose to destroy the women he hates.