The British Launch an Emotional Appeal for the Banks on 10 O’Clock Live

We’re not the only ones with problem’s … or comedians as it turns out. Just this year Channel 4 launched 10 O’Clock Live, a weekly, live comedy and current affairs show hosted by David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr, Charlie Brooker and Lauren Laverne. It is British humor so you either love it or you’re an idiot!

The basic premise is that each week the hosts present funny takes on the world of current affairs with a mix of anchor-style reporting, debates, interviews, sketch comedy, investigations and opinion pieces. And, no, it’s not much like The Daily Show or The Colbert Report; it’s more like Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update. But even that’s not an accurate comparison. What it is is … it’s British.

And believe it or not British people suffer through politics just like we do! Just the name are different it appears. This video below is a great example. In it, Jimmy Carr launches an emotional appeal to those who need it the most: Bankers. (We have bankers too!)

“What can we do to help these impoverished bankers

Well, we’re already cutting their corporation tax from 28 to 24%.

We’re turning the UK into a giant tax haven by making sure banks don’t have to pay tax on profts made overseas.

But don’t forget we handed them a 500 billion pound bailout as well. But none of that… none of that’s enough. We can all do more.”