Bishops Shocked by Non-Rhythmic Sex

Actor Ian McShane from the miniseries Pillars of the EarthHank Griffin | Restoring Truthiness

Their souls shall burn in hell.

Last month the Obama Administration’s announced that family planning services must be provided by health insurance plans, including those offered by religious institutions operating schools and hospitals. The rule set off a firestorm of protest on the part of U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops which vowed to mobilize the nation’s 90 million Catholics against Obama. Some commentators said the issue could land in the Supreme Court, but others took “a more balanced approach” and called the move “an outright attack on religious freedom and more evidence of Obama’s ongoing war against religion.”

What the Bishops don’t mention, but are well aware of, is that Catholic women use artificial birth control at about the same rate as all women nationally.  A 2011 report by the  reproductive health institute Guttmacher, finds that 98 percent of sexually active Catholic women use or have used birth control other and only two percent of Catholic women have used natural family planning (the rhythm method).  Source:

The Bishops also do not mention the near universal adoption among women of all faiths of the “Oh no God, please, not this time” prayer.

Organizations that provide health care coverage but do not comply with Health and Human Service guidelines face millions of dollars in fines.  Expensive, but less than the estimated $2.6 billion paid in settling child sex abuse cases.