Russia to Syrian People: We don’t have any concern for Assad (Or you for that matter)

Russia to Syrian People - We don't have any concern for Assad - Or you for that matterDeborah Brancheau | Restoring Truthiness

Over the past couple of days both Russia and China have been on the defensive trying to explain away why they vetoed the Arab and Western-backed UN resolution condemning the violent crackdown in Syria. As the world has been watching thousands have been massacred by the Assad regime in Syria and for months the UN has been incapable of doing anything about it.

The UN literally did everything that they could short of f***ing their own selves in their own arses just to get both Russia and China to sign off on this resolution which had the support of 13 other council members and the Arab League.

In particular, they bent over and took out much of the language that the Russians found objectionable. For example, as the BBC reports “[T]hey took out reference to anything that might have suggested support for sanctions or an arms embargo …”

Got to make sure that Russia can still get it on with Syria considering they have a long standing military romance with the Syrians. Specifically, Russia’s been popping the military enhancement supplement Enzyte apparently as they’re now expanding their use of their Syrian naval base at Tartus while maintaining their flow of missiles and other arms to Damascus throughout this crisis.

The UN also “added assurances that the resolution could not be used to authorize military intervention or regime change.” So no chance for another military getting in on the action, Russia is not into three ways! Or four, five, six … ways! Plus Russia gets to keep their boy toy, Assad, at least for a while.

They removed explicit reference to the elements of the Arab peace plan – particularly a timetable spelling out a process for Mr. Assad to hand powers to a deputy who would oversee preparations for new elections. Although they insisted that support for the plan itself was a red line.

So what gives, Russia?

In a message of total contradiction for the Syrian people, Russian Secretary of State Sergei Lavrov had this to say:

Russia fully supports the rights of the Syrian people for a better life. We are not friends or allies of President Assad… We don’t have any special concern for President Assad.

Apparently, they have no concern for the Syrian people either.

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