Ron Paul’s 55th Wedding Anniversary: Yes, Virginia, There Really is a Politician with Family Values!

Ron Paul's 55th Wedding Anniversary - Yes, Virginia, There Really is a Politician with Family ValuesRon Paul Campaign
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul yesterday celebrated his 55th wedding anniversary with his FIRST, and only wife, Carolyn Paul. As a special reward for his loyal wife of five and a half decades, Congressman Paul surprised her with a little early morning sausage.

“I said that she could sleep in and I provided her breakfast,” Paul told ABC News.

“Now, I have to confess, I didn’t make the breakfast,” Paul explained.  “I called room service and made sure it was ready when she got up.”

Sure, Congressman, you didn’t “make the breakfast.” Riiiiiight. You called “room service.” You made sure it was “ready.” We all know what that means …

Wait … What does that mean? …

Oh, he actually did call up some grub from the mess hall while his wife was sleeping peacefully and then poked the grub with his skinny little fingers to make sure it wasn’t as cold and lifeless as his bloodless and loveless heart!

Lucky for Dr. Paul, the food was fine and Mrs. Paul, thinking her husband had slaved over a hot stove … microwave … convection oven (what they do have in fancy Congressman hotels?), was none the wiser. Their storybook romance would live to see another half-century. Of course, unless she reads that ABC News interview.

All kidding aside, congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, on sticking with it through thick and thin and proving to young children everywhere that Marriage does exist (for some people) and that there is such a thing as a politician with family values.

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