Political Debate: Desperately seeking…G.O.B for the G.O.P

Republican Presidential Debate FloridaCNN
This goes out in honor of the most recent GOP political debate;and the Republicans desperate scramble to find a party who can realistically compete with our President Barack Obama (no I did not limit it to just currently).

Now wait, I know there is some red faced old man from Butcher Holler,Kentucky screaming at his neighbor’s insurance agent’s lab top computer saying, “We gots Mints, We gots Mints!” (that is Mitt Romney to the rest of the world but I digress).

While I understand that “Mints” is the top Good Old Boy (GOB) for the Good Old Party(GOP), I can not help but to wonder is the best of the good…good enough?

When compared to our current President’s State of The Union address for example, we find that Romney’s “defenses” are often, “not talking to the entire country but they are only talking to the tea party” as stated by one MSNBC news guest.

The Republican debaters even at their most powerful are only interesting, when they are attacking each other (I could insert joke here but I’ll let you do it yourself).

What I am trying to say is perhaps: Mints, Nooke, sanitarium, and Ronnie (I am speaking to the red face man) need to simply step it up, and stop under estimating who put our current President, in office.