Nancy Pelosi: But I Won’t Do…That?

Nancy Pelosi - But I Won't Do ThatCNN

Does anyone remember the singer Meat Loaf’s song: I Would Do Anything For Love?

In that song Meat Loaf proclaims,”I would do anything for love…but I won’t do that?” but we (the listener) could never figure out the cryptic message of what exactly “it” was he wouldn’t do?

Much like the point of this last paragraph I just wrote? Anyway, if you are still following me then you may have seen Nancy Pelosi’s “Meat Loaf” like interview where she stated how she predicted that Newt Gingrich would not be president (no that’s not the shocking part). When asked why, she direfully state, “There is something, I know?”

Well…what the heck is it? Man, don’t you just hate when a politician gives you smoke and mirrors statements, which makes their interviews completely anticlimactic.

I may not know all she knows, but I do think I know one thing…If she gives more interviews like that one, she may never be President either.