Jon Huntsman Kung Fus Self in Foot at Republican New Hampshire Debate

Jon Huntsman Kung Fus Self in Foot at Republican New Hampshire DebateABC News
If there is one candidate the Democratic Party might actually be afraid of it is Jon Huntsman. The former US Ambassador to China, Governor of Utah, Deputy US Trade Representative, Ambassador to Singapore, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce, and White House staff assistant has served under each of the last five presidents from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama. With a resume like that it is truly a wonder why he’s last in the polls.

Until of course you watch the man debate.

After a video on YouTube went viral this last week calling Huntsman the Manchurian Candidate while using footage of the candidate speaking Chinese and making claims that he had Chinese values not American values, Huntsman apparently outsourced his debate prep team to Beijing.

At Saturday’s New Hampshire debate, while discussing China and the looming threat of a trade war posed by Mitt Romney’s tariff plans, Huntsman thought it would be a great idea to show off his mad Mandarin skills and speak what amounted to jibberish to the audience in attendance:

I think it’s important to note as they would say in China, “Tapoo cha cha cha cha cha ….”

Translating that into American Republicanish, Huntsman said, “I am way the eff smarter than you, and your tiny little brains will never understand the magnitude of my genius nor the complexity of the global economy so I will keep my answers as brief and shallow as possible” … or something to that effect.

And to that the Republican base says, “Next!”

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