Anonymous Hacktivists Want To Burn The House Down…Fight Club Style!

Anonymous Hacktivists Want To Burn The House Down - Fight Club StyleNathan Meijer
On Dec 24, the computer hacking group known as “Anonymous” sought to spread a little Christmas Eve cheer by releasing the names, email addresses, passwords, and some 75,000 credit card numbers of 860,000 members of a “security think tank” known as Stratfor (short for Strategic Forecasting), considered by some as a “shadow CIA”. Clearly, Anonymous wanted to shed some light on this think tank by exposing the personal information of a rather large number of the group’s membership.

There is some irony for you, a security think tank hacked and its secured information spread out for all to see. Merry Christmas Project Mayhem style! Granted, it is not nearly as severe as the Tyler Durden model of anarchy, but you have to appreciate these subversive geeks spread around the world dedicated to civil disobedience and freedom of the internet. I could be reading into this geek squad of hacktivists (of which I have no affiliation, computers eww) who I believe want to bring down the house. But what is the house? Is the house as in the esoteric pillars of orthodoxy that stifle our humanity with rabid consumerism and radical profiteering, and the governments of the world that protect those pillars? Yeah okay professor, thanks for the sociology lesson. An alternative narrative for this cyberattack is subversive, like Durden using the liposuction fat of the indulgent culture, making soap with it, and selling it back to them to bath with, to get clean with their own fat. Now that is subversive and disturbing! This Jack’s broken firewall…

The Anonymous hacktivists use a potent symbol to express their meaning, no it is not fatty liposuction soap, their symbol is the Guy Fawkes mask from the film “V for Vendetta”. I can see it now, three physically unfit young men in a stuffy odorous poorly lite room with their Guy Fawkes masks on, computer monitors reflecting off their thick glasses they wear over their masks, hacking a security think tank’s information data base to expose it members to the light of day and steal stuff. Is that sexy or what? This Jack credit card being maxed out by three anonymous men…Fight the power geek squad.

At best, their mission only distantly resembles the film character of “V”, it is nonetheless poignant in our current digital age. And damn those masks are so fun to wear, they feel so subversive. Are they Tyler Durden? Well no, they are “A”, fighters for cyber freedom, but Tyler would so proud and you know he would look totally cool in the mask. Merry Christmas Stratfor, they know who you are and now everyone else does too. And they have your credit card information…oh wait shhh…the first rule of fight club is we don’t talk about fight club. Cue Edward Norton!